From a hobby to the full-time business

Should I really tell this cheesy story about when I took my first photographs and how my dad had that old film camera? Nah, I'll probably be a little more real here. Hi, I am Max and I appreciate you checking this website, it means you find our pics cool, thanks for that!

I am 22 years dude that 4 years ago had absolutely zero clue how to use a camera, run a business, and speak English, however, it did not stop me from coming to Toronto. I learned photography by doing hundreds of free photoshoots, film passion projects and other cool "at least it'll go to your portfolio'' things. Thanks to that, and also multiple couples and companies that work with me on a constant basis, I feel excited to represent a photography team that can make any of your visual desires come true. You can be confident to always get the best result from Max Visuals.

Oh yeah, I also love sports, a lot! I do wakeboarding, snowboarding, mixed martial arts. I have a lot of little hobbies like cycling, running, playing tennis. I am totally in love with motorcycles too!

All this diverse activities keep me refreshed and allow to perform my best creativity and professionalism on the day.